Ransom My Heart

Ransom My Heart

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Ransom My Heart

By Meg Cabot

HarperCollins Publishers, 2009
ISBN: 9780061700071

The gimmick to accompany the conclusion of the Princess Diaries is this delightful historical romance written by series heroine Princess Mia Thermopolis (“with help from” Cabot, who is donating all proceeds to Greenpeace). Finnula Crais is the resourceful daughter of a miller living in Stephensgate, England, in 1291. When Finnula’s older sister, Mellana, gets pregnant by a troubadour and has no money for a dowry, Finnula agrees to carry out Mellana’s ridiculous plan to abduct a wealthy man and hold him ransom, settling on Earl Hugh Fitzstephen, fresh back from the crusades and loaded with gold and jewels. Finnula doesn’t realize who it is she’s captured, and Fitzstephen, owing to a curiosity about Finnula and wanting to see where the kidnapping will lead, plays along. As to be expected, passions become enflamed, and Finnula discovers her sister’s plan may not be a simple as she originally thought. Though predictable, the novel is thoroughly enjoyable and funny. Cabot’s fans, and particularly those graduating from the Princess Diaries, will be pleased.

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