The alleged diocese of Delminium

The alleged diocese of Delminium

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The alleged diocese of Delminium

Škegro, Ante

Opvscvla Archaeologica Papers of the Department of Archaeology, Vol.31 No.1 August 2008. 283 – 302


The Christianisation of the deeper hinterland of Salona and Narona, which includes the Duvno region, proceeded along the major communication routes that linked these settlements to Pannonia. Christianity began to spread to the areas of Duvno, as well as Livno and Glamoč, from the direction of the lake known as Buško Blato. Despite the discovery of a number of Early Christian sacral structures, mainly basilicas, there is no evidence of the existence of a diocese in the Duvno area during Antiquity or the Early Middle Ages, nor that this area was the seat of a diocesan bishop. The controversial bishop Malchus († 594), who is most often associated with the alleged diocese of Delminium, was the administrator of the papal estates in Dalmatia, and not a diocesan bishop.

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