History Great Battles Medieval – Review

History Great Battles Medieval – Review

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Great Battles Medieval allows players to re-fight the battles of the Hundred Years War, where you act as the commander. The gameplay is fairly easy to understand – you set out your army, give orders to the knights and soldiers, and watch as the fight progresses. The battle is fought in real-time, but you can always pause the game to re-examine the situation and send out new orders. An introductory tutorial gives a good explanation of how to move your forces on the battlefield and get them to attack your enemies.

You can watch the battle from afar, or even zoom in close enough to see your soldiers being killed – and having their souls rise up after they die. A mini-map is available in the corner, but the small box only shows dots on the screen and is difficult to follow.

The graphics and visuals are adequate for this type of game, but are certainly not extraordinary. The sound effects are good – during the battle you can hear taunts and cheers be shouted out, or have idle soldiers bang their swords on their shields. During the fighting you will also be able use cool features such as giving out a ‘battle cry’ to boost the morale of your troops.

The History Channel provides footage from their documentaries about medieval history to help the player understand the historical significance to the major battles and campaigns of the Hundred Year War.

Overall, the game is simple enough to understand the basics and begin without too much trouble. With numerous missions and sub-missions, as well as growing difficulty as you continue on, History Great Battles Medieval will continue to provide a challenge for extended use.

We thank Rene St. Denis for reviewing this game.

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